Going back to Northern Colombia – Guajira, Santa Marta and Antioquia

As the tourism industry takes over Colombia and the means to create business out of it start to pop out, I go back to the times you could go to a deserted beach and feel as if you were the only human being on the surface of this planet. I was asked by an old friend of mine, a few days ago to send in a few photos of certain destinations, these were meant for her new website, as she just started a tourism company in Colombia. As I dug into my old photo archives, I came across a "pile" of photographs that I had never published anywhere and were literally getting lost into oblivion. The most compelling part of the story is that most of those photos were very personal, each and everyone with its own story, its very own character behind it.

One of the things I like the most when it comes to processing – and automatically looking back at – photos, is the power they have to bring you back, as it were, to those precise moments when those people talked to you, smiled at you or were simply living their lives while you photographed them. And that's what photography is about – at least for me–, about telling stories, bringing visual narratives and indeed, empowering you to travel back to those days in which locals smiled to the camera.

These are the shots from Northern Colombia, enjoy.

Kogi girl



Wayuu Girl


Wayuu Girl




chico con cachucha




De espalda





Agua en bolsa

Desde allí

El de la bici



Sombrerio Vueltiao