Back in Berlin: In Between Moscow Mules and Whisky Zauers

Life brought me back to Berlin for a few days, something I honestly never expected it'd happen that fast. Before I knew it, I was wandering through the streets of the hub of the cool –again–, this time in between Moscow Mules, Dutch lovers and melodic techno. Sometimes you stumble across people who change your life, or at least write unforgettable chapters on your personal biography, leaving traceable memories and even changing you on a personal, intellectual and spiritual level. It's quite an irony, that even when believing in serendipity, you always expect something or someone until life becomes too busy for you to wait and you end up with no expectations – life happens and you embrace it as it comes. That's the exact moment when magic sparks and great people cross your path, people you hold on to, at least for a while.

Daniel ended up being one of those characters. He crossed my path and did in such a way, I felt the need to hold on to him, hopefully for more than a while. Daniel, who's a live performer, composer and electronic musician, has made me dive into the world of electronic music and the alternative dance scene of Amsterdam. What led to this encounter, was a trip to the Mecca of contemporary electronic music, the place of places, the capital of DJs: my beloved Berlin.

And so we departed in a bus full of fans, groupies and party lovers. The destination: Ze German capital, the reason: The 'Zauer Tour' – the tour from Daniel's record label for a once-in-a-lifetime-performance in Katerholzig, the renowned Berlin club. Life was taking me back to the city I once called 'home' and once arriving, I felt as if I had never left it in the first place.




Going back to my Berlin of faded colours and melodic cafés.


Daniel at Tempelhof

Daniel Walks


The Kietz