Photo ©  Laura Beltrán Villamizar



Why storytelling? 

Because we live in times of noise and over-information. Times whereby the impact that we make on others depends on how effectively we reach them – how we connect with them.  

Why does this work? 

Because our brains process narrative and stories differently than "matter-of-fact" data. 

So, may you be a up-and-coming artist trying to find his or her voice, may you be a small, local business trying to step ahead of the game, or may you be a global organisation letting stories advocate for your brand, you'll be able to have an impact with powerful storytelling. 

So you do storytelling with visuals and with copy? 

I work with visual storytellers and help them in the completion and editing of their visual and written work. Besides that, I adapt, edit, rewrite and conceptualise ideas into emotional and multidimensional stories. 

Great! Do you have a resume? 


Do you speak Dutch? 

Ja. :) 

How can I reach you? 

Feel free to drop me a line at