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I'm an independent photography editor and writer, passionate about visual journalism and engaging, thought-provoking storytelling.  

I'm originally from Bogotá, Colombia but life brought me to Amsterdam, where I currently work and pursue a career in editorial photography, multimedia and visual journalism While at it, I also rant, write and talk about [de]-colonial legacy and social and racial interactions in the industry. 

Indeed, as I'm all about diversifying the media industry – because we need more female, native, and visual journalists of colour – my expertise in and passion for visual journalism led me to found Native, a platform for documentary photographers and visual storytellers from underrepresented regions, which I want you to check!  

Next to leading Native, I edit and assign photographic essays and multimedia productions and have collaborated with photographers as well as publications, such as: The British Journal of Photography, The New York Times, TIME, National Geographic, Newsweek, National Geographic, amongst others. I also review portfolios for LensCulture–send in your work, I might be able to review it in your language!  

Before founding Native and going freelance, I worked as editor at World Press Photo, where I led educational programmes in Latin America and co-produced the yearly Joop Swart Masterclass in Amsterdam. I also worked hand-in-hand with award-winning photographers while showcasing their work to the general audience. 

Prior to joining World Press Photo, I worked as associate photo editor for Revolve Magazine  in Brussels and Berlin where I oversaw long-term features, international commissions for print and online, and curated the magazine’s emphasis on visual storytelling. 

Yes, as a creative writer and visual editor, I'm a strong believer of the power of storytelling. You know, the kind of storytelling that challenges your perceptions, makes you stop, wonder, engage, and understand our complex world a bit more or a bit differently–up to you. I teach and give workshops on visual narrative, editing and sequencing visual work. 

Next to being a story-teller, I’m also a story-doer

Native's goal is to amplify the voices of visual storytellers from underrepresented regions and connect them to a global audience. While the journalism and documentary industry struggles with issues of diversity and equity, Native is a foundation that serves as platform, aiming to highlight and nurture visual journalists from less represented communities and showcase their work to the world at large. You can donate to our cause, visit us for more info. 

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I romanticise coffee out of proportion…. 
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